Emily Copeland

Emily Copeland is an experienced marketer, content strategist, integration and youth culture specialist, who recently founded Cedilla – a Partnership & Content Consultancy.

With over 15 years’ experience in the media, events & entertainment industries, Emily also sits on the board of FBi Radio and works with TEDxSydney.

Previously, she was the Senior Group Manager of Advertising & Brand Partnerships for the Foxtel Music channels, leading a team who specialised in the creative integration of brands into content, and the use of music and entertainment to create better advertising experiences. Emily has developed content and events for some of the biggest brands in Australia, with her work winning multiple local & global awards.

My Sessions

Music and Brands: Partnerships Done Right

EMC PRO Theatre: (ivy Sunroom) - Building 1, Level 3

With branded collaborations becoming increasingly prominent in the music space, EMC presents a panel dedicated to brand partnerships in music. This panel will examine some best case collaborations in the local and international markets, showing how a brand collaboration can be much than just a financial exchange between brands and artists or promoters, that it […]


Social influence is valuable currency in music. Increasingly, brands are looking to artists as a means of connecting their product with music fans online. What does it mean to be a ‘social influencer’ and what are the dos and don’t in this space? We bring together a panel of artists, managers and agency representatives to […]