Tristan Roache-Turner


Tristan Roache-Turner is the writer/producer/production designer of the highly successful, cult classic genre film Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead, which was theatrically released on 77 screens across Australia ranking at number six in the Australian box office on the first night of it’s release. Tristan is the driving force (and the clever hands) behind the look and feel of WYRMWOOD’s physical props, from the battle armour and small arms to the gargantuan Zombie Truck. While much of his youth was spent making short films and music videos with his brother Kiah, Tristan also worked in some diverse industries. He credits his early career as a construction labourer and then electrical fitter with giving him the necessary hand skills for making props, as well as enabling him to develop a keen insight for just how possible it is to create anything if you make it yourself. His years in bar management are another key ingredient that contributed greatly to his ability to put people at ease while getting work out of them. Finally, he also has extensive experience as a construction project manager.

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